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Smoking Risk

Most smokers are now willing to quit smoking because of its risks and they are looking at Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy to kick the habit. Smoking has been the culprit to many respiratory illnesses as well as lung cancer not only to the smoker but also to those affected by second-hand smoke.

Smoking is really a hard habit to rid not only because of addiction to nicotine but the comfort that smoking gives to the smoker. They believe that smoking gives relaxation and boosts others to do their work better, just like a cup of coffee.

The Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy will only work if the subject has an open and accepting mind. It means that the subject is totally willing to stop smoking and is willing to absorb the inputs that will be given to him during the hypnotherapy. Professionals are doing hypnotherapy sessions only. The Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy can cure the addiction to the subject by treating the reason why he smokes subliminally. The subject will be put into a trance or a state of relaxed sleep. Once the depth of the sleep is reached, a hypnosis CD which contains music and encouragements to make the subject stop smoking. This relaxed state makes one receptive to the suggestions being inputted in the subconscious and unconscious brain.

The DVD or CD should be continually played when resting before going to sleep. When one is asleep, we are not fully unconscious. Most are aware of the setting where they are in. In a relaxed state, the stress and negative feelings in the mind are released during the hypnosis state. The CD of the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is suggesting positive habits and behaviors, and the mind is now receptive to accept the suggestions. When done regularly, the willpower of the subject is strengthened to completely get out of the addiction.

A reason that hypnotherapy will not work is the resistance of the subject to change. He might just be undergoing therapy because of family pressure but he in his unconscious is blocking or resisting the inputs of the CD. Another reason is the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy does not work is because the subject is not fully receptive or calm when hypnotherapy starts.

The success therefore of the Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is the subject itself, his willingness and receptiveness to free himself from the addiction of the smoking habit.

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