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How can self-hypnosis stop smoking?

How can self hypnosis stop smoking?

How can self-hypnosis stop smoking?

That is the question usually asked by somebody who has heard about the subject for the first time. Hypnosis is usually associated with bad magicians and sorcerers that take over the brains of victims in movies and novels. What most do not know is hypnosis has real medical value. It can cure addiction such as that caused by smoking. Addiction is lodged in the subconscious of a person and the subconscious can only be reached by hypnotherapy.

Most smokers now want to quit smoking because of the potential danger that nicotine can cause respiratory illnesses as well as fatal tumors and cancers. Family members are also at risk with second-hand smoke.

The reasons why smokers would like to stop smoking and undergo self-hypnosis is because

-People would like to live a life that is free of addiction, where there is no craving for nicotine

– Improved health. Without smoking, they can breathe easier without upper respiratory congestion and coughing.

– Increased energy level is noticed after quitting smoking. This is because oxygen can circulate better in the body.

– Smell better without the lingering cigarette smoke on the clothes, breath, hair and skin.

– Live longer without smoking. It is said that blood pressure and pulse rate decreases just 20 minutes after quitting smoking. After 24 hours, the risk of heart attack decreases. Each day without cigarette, the body begins to cleanse and recuperate itself. Smoking is the number one cause of early deaths.

– Self-respect and confidence is achieved after being free from smoking addiction. You feel that you are a winner and you can do anything if you strive.

Self-hypnosis can be achieved by buying a CD or tape from a reputable and trusted source. When listening to this CD, the subconscious mind is reprogrammed to dislike smoking, and continue the resolve to hate it even if everybody else smokes. The pain of withdrawal symptoms can even be minimized or even erased through self-hypnosis. Hypnosis CDs are very effective because while you sit back and relax, you can listen to a trained hypnotist recite suggestions or affirmations that will check your smoking addiction.

So what are you waiting for? Make the initial step now. Use self hypnosis to stop smoking and be a new empowered YOU.

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